5 thoughts on “Update on Aspartame

  1. I can tell you that back in 1983, when I was thirteen, I played a lot of tennis and basketball after school and during vacation in hot Florida weather.  So it is normal to drink a lot of water.  But my mother decided to make drinking more water interesting by buying me Crystal Lite drink mix to add to the water as it did not have any sugar.  This was when Nutrasweet had just been allowed in beverages and before it was allowed in foods.  After two months of drinking large amounts of water mixed with Crystal Lite, I suffered two seizures within a week apart.  I was a very healthy kid with no health problems or problematic health history.  I did not tell my mother as not to alarm her, but did promise myself that if I had a third episode I would tell her so she could take me to a doctor for medical tests.
    Upon mixing my next batch of Crystal Lite, but before pouring it into the water, I stared at it tasted it on my finger and instinctively refused to drink it any longer.  I can't explain this spontaneous rejection of the drink mix, but it happened.
    I never had another seizure in my entire life.
    It wasn't until the prevalence of the internet in 1995 that I discovered the documents of initial reports and complaints sent into the FDA regarding Nutrasweet dating back to the early eighties when it was first introduced into the food supply.  And in those documents were cases of seizures similar to my own and even a couple where those other people had also instinctively just suspected or stopped the Nutrasweet and the problem abated and did not return,  I do believe those FDA documents were not easily acquired from the FDA with freedom of information requests, but actually had to be forced out of them with a lawsuit.  Those documented complaints in the early days of Nutrasweet were sent in before the internet.  So one can thing about how many people had reactions but no clue it was the Nutrasweet or failed to report.  Had the internet existed, perhaps many more reactions would have been reported.
    I have since met a few people who relieved their migraine problems by discontinuing Nutrasweet.  Upon reintroducing it into their diet, the migraines return, take it out…migraines go away.

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