Pine Pollen: Nature’s Safe Hormone Source HRT, DHEA, Natural T

Pine Pollen: Nature’s Safe Hormone Source HRT, DHEA, Natural T

100 thoughts on “Pine Pollen: Nature’s Safe Hormone Source HRT, DHEA, Natural T

  1. How do you extract the pine pollen without getting the nasty spiders in your mix? I had that problem before and got turned off. Thanks!

  2. ahhh, just saw the pop up for the energy formula.  Does it matter if I mix it in my smoothie with green formula and vit c formula?

  3. I am dealing with crippling anxiety, are there any herbs that really help with this.I can barely go to work anymore or go places.

  4. I've already ordered your liver and parasite cleanse products, never tried em before, but hopefully they will help with my allergies because I got allergic reaction sickness from the your energy product (gave that to a friend and it worked great for him). I never thought the pollen could be what I was reacting too, I thought it was a higher percentage of barley grass compared to that of the green formula which I've never had that problem with or something.

  5. at 3:52 "No they are not spraying secret things from the government, it's PINE POLLEN." really funny! lol,
    Thanks Markus!
    i take Pine Pollen almost everyday and I take your amazing Green Powder!

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  7. Pretty soon I'll be able to lick about everything around here hehe If I collect it should I let it dry first? Hmmm can't remember if it said what to do in the book.

  8. i gather mine,its awesome and also used as a temporary filling ..keep these up markus!! still have to get your book

  9. Hello Markus. I read a chapter in one of your books regarding pine pollen and needles leaving which left me with this question: At what age should one start consuming it? E.g. Should teenagers under 17 years eat this? Excellent video and keep up your inspiring work! 🙂

  10. Can you recommend a onlineshop for the lazy people? Many online ordered pine pollen (including organic) are from China. We are in Los Angeles and I think to order from China is not really a good idea.

  11. a song for Markus … from " Salt of the Earth " band :

    Have you notice anything
    in your environment?
    The air has gone polluted.
    Even so our rivers.
    Progress isn't a bad thing,
    and we have come a long way with it
    But look at the waters of the seas
    before they were blue but have already turned to black
    Do not let all the pollution we have made and scattered into the air reach the heavens
    So when we are gone, we will only have fresh air to breathe in heaven
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    that when I die I hope it will be during the rainy season
    With me, I'll bring my guitar, so together, all of us will sing upon the clouds
    Those children that are born today,
    Will they still have the air to breathe?
    Will they still have the trees to climb up on?
    Will they still have rivers for them to swim into?
    Why don't we think about what's happening to our environment?
    Progress isn't a bad thing if it does not harm our nature
    There will come a time, even those birds will have nowhere to perch on
    Look at that tree that has stood there robust for a very long time, now dying because of our foolish actions
    All of the things that exist on this earth are all blessings from God even before you're still not here
    Let us take care of it, and protect it because if He will take it back from us, we will all be gone.

  12. Do you eat the powder and follow with water? do you add the powder to food or water? Make a tea with it? You didn't specify how to use it.

  13. Are the little buds safe/worth it to pick+eat (raw) too? 🙂 I got a bunch of pine needles last month to make tea, but I discarded the little sticky buds. Glad you made a video on the subject!

  14. What can my husband take to get rid of sinus drainage? I have him already taking sea moss, he is bothered every year with this stuff, and has had sinus infections. Thank you Markus.

  15. Hi Markus, I have allergy induced asthma, and I the yellow pollen is on of the worst for me, I live in FL and this year it was horrible, would taking this help me develop an immunity to it or make it worse. . I have been told that taking a spoonful of local raw honey everyday would help develop immunity. I would like to take the pine pollen for all its benefits but don't know if my allergy would be worse. I have really enjoyed your videos and am starting to work toward your healthy eating lifestyle. Thank you.

  16. so cool.. i just collected some pine needles to eat and make into tea. i read in your edible plant guide book about this, thanks so much Markus

  17. I'm very curious how it was discovered that pine pollen can do all that you say it can do. And not only pine pollen other herbs and weeds and such. How were they first discovered?

  18. Markus, I heard about the pine pollen's cell walls can make it difficult to absorb all the nutrients. Should I break the cell walls and if so, how?

  19. Markus have you ever used 100% pure turpentine internally? A company in Georgia makes some out of pine trees, Its great for parasite removal !

  20. Hello Markus. I'm looking to cleanse my kidneys as well as the liver and colon. Are you developing a kidney cleanse formula or do you think the free liver formula would suffice since it has some kidney cleansing ingredients in it? Thanks. 🙂

  21. I absolutely love this information and your energy! It's so inspiring.  I love to work out but I find myself not going as hard as I'd like sometimes from lack of energy. I'm excited to try this out and unleash my full physical potential in a natural way. Thank you for being you and showing the world a different happier healthier way to live!!!

  22. Hey Marcus and Cara. I would like to ask you. Is the pollen good for women ? I have irregular period and suffer pains and heavy bleeding can you suggest something for me? I would like to lower test. in me. Do you sell some formulas? I like in Europe Slovakia. Thank you so much :-* love you guys

  23. I love making your chocolate recipe for energy. And I have your energy formula. But I'm wondering if you're familiar with "Cru Brew" (chocolate beans you brew)and if it safe to consume?

  24. Hello Mr. markus, i have a spruce pine , the weeping . specifically picea abies (norway) are the health benefits the for this pine the same as featured in this video. & how can i properly utilize my garden goodness?

  25. I've seen a pine like this in my suburb. Next spring I'm going to cut the catkins off to get the pollen cause it's on someones property.

  26. I've got some of this, but I've only ever eaten it. I'm thinking of soaking it in a fortified wine to get more of the testosterone through the mucus membranes in the mouth, cause I heard that most of the phyto-androgens get destroyed in the gut.
    Also I remember someone saying that you should freeze the pollen after harvest cause that bursts the cell walls of the pollen making it goodies more available. Don't know if that's true, but sure it wouldn't hurt.

  27. Weeds like mint, dandelion, lambs quarters and such grow on lawns that were poisoned with intent to kill all plants, then grow grass seed on top. I've seen various opinions on these plants from poisoned land, some saying don't touch them and others saying avoid the roots. Would you say use the top portions or go drive a half hour and find plants in clean soil?

    On a side note, what sort of maniac purchases poison to dump all over their yard so they can walk on only grass…

  28. Hey Markus, Hope all is great with you and Cara. I have a question that isn't related to this pine pollen video which is super interesting.
    What do you think about Kangen water?? I have a Reverse Osmosis filter system. Is Kangen better??

  29. where I live I think the pollen is out of season I think I have to wait until next spring but do you recommend a good website to purchase pine pollen from? that is also pure, not including other ingredients…

  30. What is the nutritional value of raw pine nuts? Some articles say around 30g some say 10g. Any solid information about that? Talking about protein per 100g.

  31. hi Markus, this has really interested me as I am now going 100% health food and doing so much research… Question though? doe the car pollution have any inpack on the pollen? hope you can get time to answer my question 💜💚

  32. Informative, fun–and, once again,  you taught this old herbalist a couple dozen new things. Markus–you are the BEST!

  33. If I had a tree and colleted the pine pollen- how could I store it for use during winter etc. when the tree is not pollinating?

  34. I've started taking pine pollen on your recommendation. But, wow! talk about stinky farts. 💨 I take 600mg's a day.

  35. Is okay for Pinus halepensis as its the only pine type in the Middle East ? And it’s edible ? And how about the needles? I hope you answer me 😫

  36. Thank you Markus so much for this video. I was so informative. By the way are you doing an upcoming seminars or meet and greets?

  37. Markus, could I cut a little piece of branch off with needles and the buds and put in blender and incorporate in my smoothie?

  38. Is pine pollen a stimulant? Will it make your heart beat faster? …that's what red ginseng (Korean) did to my husband and it made his penis feel numb and not be-able to get hard! How much of the powder of pine pollen should a man take for erectile dysfunction and how long? Thank you!

  39. Hi Markus! I read your book "Free Food and Medicine" when I discovered pine pollen. Now I make my own pine pollen tinctures and am having great results! What ratio do you recommend for pine pollen tinctures to have an effective tincture without wasting the pollen?

  40. I shook a bunch off in my back yard. I got a lot but half of it is bugs. I don’t think I want to eat this. ;P

  41. Love the video dude!
    How old are you if I may ask?
    Im 29 and have seen almost immediate benefits in several areas of my life since implementing pine pollen in my diet

    I stopped using the pollen for over a year and just started back up.
    People think Im some crazy liberalized hippie when I try to spread the word about pine pollen.
    I really appreciate the in depth science you explain in the video.
    Thank you do you have any more info or links about pine pollen?

  42. Man, I'm really happy I saw this video! I live in Canada and we have pine trees in my city everywhere, even huge ones in my yard. Just a few more weeks and I can collect the pollen, I'm excited : )

  43. Can you eat the brown buds or whatever they are called? I just got free food and medicine today! So excited!

  44. I'm going to check your business… but yes. Pine pollen has absolutely proven beneficial in my household. My husband thought I was nuts until I showed him old pictures while he looked in the mirror to compare. What an impact. His face, muscles, body lifted. He doesn't have a 'draggy' appearance anymore. He looks tight and so much younger. He's been taking it off and on for two months now, roughly. I only take it occasionally, just for sh!ts and giggles and I definitely feel a difference when I do. Good stuff in my opinion. (Bought from two different sources)

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