MEAL PREP CHIA PUDDING | freeze it for weeks + healthy breakfast ideas

MEAL PREP CHIA PUDDING | freeze it for weeks + healthy breakfast ideas

– A few months ago on
Instagram I did a little test to see if you could freeze chia pudding. I had just made a big batch of my homemade cashew milk recipe and I know it would probably go off before I could finish drinking it all, so I thought, hmm, I wonder if I can make a
big batch of chia pudding and freeze it. But what I was most curious about was, would the chia pudding thaw
properly and retain its texture? Well, good news, the
answer is a resounding yes. From that poin on, my
approach to chia pudding has been completely transformed because instead of making
individual servings of chia pudding whenever
the craving strikes, I now make five to 10
servings of chia pudding and freeze it. This means that I have
up to 10 healthy meals that will last for weeks in the freezer and all I have to do is thaw and enjoy. In today’s video I’ll show you
how to meal prep chia pudding and give you a variety of topping ideas. But, similar to all of my
other meal prep videos, I created a downloadable PDF guide and you can print this out and
keep it handy in the kitchen. To get this guide and any future guides just make sure that you’re
signed up on my email list, and I will leave a link to that in the description box below. Oh, one more thing. If you’re not yet signed up
for our private Facebook group with Downshifters around the
world, you really should. We have an amazing community. And I will leave a link to that in the description box below as well. Alright, let me show you how
to meal prep some chia pudding. Before we start making the chia pudding, we need to get some storage containers. And my favorite are these
glass 1/4-liter Weck jars. As you’ll see they’re the perfect size for one portion of chia pudding
and a good amount of fruit, and they stack perfectly,
which maximizes space. To make the chia pudding,
you’ll need two ingredients. Milk and chia seeds. I’m using my homemade cashew milk but you can use whichever
milk you’d prefer. And fresh chia seeds are best to ensure that they gel properly, but we’ll talk more
about that in a second. You can also add optional
sweeteners and flavors to your chia pudding, but because I have vanilla extract and a smidge of maple
syrup in my cashew milk I’m not adding anything extra. So, one portion of chia pudding is two tablespoons of chia
seeds and 1/2 a cup of milk. I’m divvying up the portions into each individual storage container, but you can also multiply
the individual quantity by the number of portions
you’d like to make, stir it all together in one big bowl and then separate it out. For instance, if you’re
making six portions like I’m doing today, that’s 3/4 cup of chia seeds
and three cups of milk. Whichever approach you take, when your chia seeds
and milk are together, give them a stir. Your chia seeds should start
to gel almost immediately. And if after five minutes they haven’t started to thicken and gel, you likely have bad chia seeds. Chia seeds can definitely
go off after time, specially if they haven’t been stored in an air-tight container. If that happens to you, don’t
toss out your failed pudding. Just blend it with some
fruit and make a smoothie. Then go buy some new chia
seeds and try it again. After about 15 minutes you’ll notice the chia pudding has
really started to thicken. Give it another stir and then
we can add some toppings. The great thing about
meal prepping chia pudding is that you can use fresh or frozen fruit. But I know that depending on the season and where you are in the world, sometimes frozen fruit is
not only easier to find but it’s also cheaper. So, you can certainly
use it in this recipe. Two of my favorite fruit
blends from Whole Foods are the Berry Blend and
the Tropical Fruit Medley, but I’ll show you several
other options as well. If you’re using frozen fruit, it’s as simple as pouring some
on top of the chia pudding, or in my case until the container is full, and then adding the lid. You can pop this straight into the freezer where it will stay good for several weeks, and you are good to go. (gentle music) But if you are using fresh
fruit, here’s a few ideas. The first is essentially the
same as the frozen berry blend and it’s a combination of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I like to slice the strawberries
into bite-sized pieces so that all of the berries
are about the same size. And in total this is about
1/2 a cup of fresh fruit, but you can add as much or
as little as you’d like. Next we’re gonna create
our own tropical blend and start with mango, which
is one of my favorite fruits. To cut a mango, just slice length-wise a little off center to avoid the seed and use a small knife to score
the mango in one direction and then the other. Use a large spoon to scoop it out just as you would with avocado, and you’ve got all of
these lovely little pieces. To the mango we’ll add
some fresh pineapple and I’ll just cut that
into bite-sized pieces and lastly I’ll add some kiwi fruit. The easiest way to get the kiwi out is to slice it in half, use
a spoon to scoop it out, and then dice it up. And, fun fact if you didn’t know, but kiwis have more
vitamin C than oranges. So, add all of those bits and
pieces to your chia pudding and that version is done. But because I love mango so much we’ll use the other half
for another chia pudding. So, slice and dice just as you did before. But when you’re left with
that funky middle section don’t forget that there’s
still fruit around the seed. Remove the skin and try to cut off as much mango fruit as possible. Add the mango to the chia pudding and then for a simple topping I’ll add some shredded coconut. Mango and coconut are
a match made in heaven and this couldn’t be easier. Next, let’s take advantage of
stone fruit that is in season. And you can use nectarines,
peaches, plums, apricots, or whatever you’re craving. I love nectarines so I’ll
slice one of those up. But then to give this
chia pudding a little kick I’m adding crystallized ginger. The ginger adds punch and
pairs great with the nectarine. I should also mention that
you can use any dried fruit in these chia puddings, so have fun experimenting with different flavors and textures. Add the nectarines and crystallized ginger to an individual serving of chia pudding and this one is good to go. If you’ve made my PB&J chia
pudding from my website, this next one won’t surprise you. It’s just a simple blueberry puree and my homemade almond butter. On top of the blueberry
puree and almond butter I’ll add some fresh blackberries and then this one is done as well. Now, up until this point I have focused on your basic chia pudding recipe with a variety of fruit toppings, and these little servings
are perfect for breakfast or a healthy snack throughout the day. But guess what? You can do the exact same thing with my chocolate chia pudding recipe and make a stash of healthy desserts that you can freeze and thaw
whenever the craving strikes. We’ll start our dessert chia pudding the same as our basic chia pudding with two tablespoons of chia
seeds and 1/2 a cup of milk. But because this is dessert, we’re gonna sweeten things up a little. So I’ll also add one
tablespoon of cacao powder for that delicious chocolate flavor along with one teaspoon of maple syrup and 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Give it a stir and let
it sit for 15 minutes just as we did before. Then, once it’s started to thicken, stir it again and add some toppings. I’m adding a handful of raspberries and a tablespoon or so
of shredded coconut. So, there’s a handful of ideas for delicious chia pudding meals, whether that’s breakfast,
lunch, snack, or dessert. One thing you’ll notice
that I haven’t added is nuts and seeds and that’s because they’ll go soggy if we add them at this stage. I do love adding nuts and seeds but you wanna add them after
the chia pudding has thawed and right before you’re about to enjoy it. I get asked all of the time how to add the clasps to the Weck jars. So, let me show you up close how I do it. After placing the lid on the container, I use one thumb to hold the top portion
of the clasp in place while I pull the lower
end down and around. It’s super easy and, believe me, the more you do it, the more
second-nature it becomes. Once all of your jars are sealed, you can place them in the
fridge or the freezer. These will last for up to
five days in the fridge, depending on how fresh your
fruit was to start with, or for several weeks in the freezer. When you want to enjoy
one from the freezer, just take it out the night before and place it in the fridge to thaw. Sometimes, if your fridge is really cold, it may not thaw completely, though. And if that happens just
leave it on the counter for five to 10 minutes. If you’d like to add any nuts or seeds, now is the time to do that, just as I’m adding chopped
pistachios to this one. Then give it a stir and enjoy. And this one really does
taste like a PB&J sandwich, albeit a little healthier. As you can see, there’s so many options when it comes to meal
prepping chia pudding, and I’d love to hear in the comments below how you would customize yours. Actually, what’d be even better is if you took a photo of
your meal prep chia pudding and posted it on Instagram and tagged me or posted it in our
private Facebook group, that was I can see all of
your beautiful creations. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to download the PDF linked in the description box below. And if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up because that lets me know that you would like to see more videos in this meal prep series. Alright, I will see you guys
again in the next video.

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