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  1. can you ever reset your set point and actually start over? Because I think I heard that once you break your set point you can never eat the same within moderation again


  3. My set point is 210 lbs, I can eat everything and not gain. I can diet and lose very little, I just decided to gain muscle instead of losing weight

  4. But cheese good / beef bad on his chart is not keto! As a matter of fact, a lot of the good column is dairy! Also, studies have shown that skipping meals affects your insulin levels adversely, so it's not a good idea.

  5. cant survive driniking oil its gettin freaky even protein ?? carbs i am ok to avoid still difficult but ok but protein really ? donno what to eat 🙂

  6. I can't seem to find an Insulin Index chart online with the foods listed in the video. That would be super helpful!

  7. Awesome points to emulate. I love how you elucidate each point with biological data that makes it clear. I'm not a lover of greens, but will try and eat some. 😊 I need to lose weight which is always daunting, especially with failed attempts at well advertised "proven methods". I'm vegetarian which makes it harder to eat fats. But conversely I'm not a salad eater. Just cooked food. Love cheese and consume much protein through Indian diet. Especially the dals. If you can advise me a best diet practice I'll attempt it.

  8. Fascinating!! My body does not want to go much lower than the lean 11 percent body fat I’m at now. I discovered the hard way that you can’t just keep dieting or your body will fight you when you get lean. DR Berg was monumental in helping me shred my fat, and now it’s all about little changes to keep tricking my body to lose the rest. It’s exciting to finally see abdominal muscles and it took over a year and a half, but the point is not to quit. Keep dieting and eating good nutritious foods and you will reach your goals!! And make sure you lift weights so you don’t end up “skinny fat”. More muscle=faster metabolism and you will feel much better. Good luck friends!!

  9. All the potassium supplements I'm seeing on Amazon are only 99mg which is 0.09grams of potassium per serving…

    but according to Dr. Eric Berg, we need between 2-6 grams was it? I don't remember.

    Amazon's 0.09 grams a day isn't going to cut it. People still feel great though which is good and we know scientifically why they are but still… 0.09 grams isn't even close to what we need. Dr. Eric Berg says when you get above 8 grams potassium then you're gonna feel overdosing symptoms basically. Above 8 grams is too much. So that's the upper limit.

    But I can't find something that'll give me a couple grams a day like we need… darn.

  10. Excuse me, where is the proof in terms of any scientific papers that insulin « makes you fat » or prevents you from loosing weight?

  11. If estrogen increases insulin causing you to gain weight, how is it that women tend to gain weight during perimenopause/menopause when estrogen levels decrease? I love your videos btw, thanks for breaking things down so simply and sharing freely. Btw, I’m a 52 yr old competitive figure skater, healthy BMI/weight, but struggling to be able to “lean out” to 14-15% bf.

  12. This is a great video! So informative, I think I have watched over 100 of his videos so far in the past week lol. I have a question if anyone has the answer, I keep hearing of the Nutritional Yeast as a suggestion, but I suspect a lot of people needing to lose a large amount of weight may have candida, won't the candida get fed by the nutritional yeast? Even though it is deactivated apparently it still does. Does anyone have different information on this? 🙂

  13. Thank you ever so much for all this info as I found out that I am insulin resistant and quickly moved into the diabetic 2 range….. the typical doctor does not take the time to explain all this and I know realize much better what to do. My doc wants to put me on insulin shots but knowing that won't cure me I'm going to hold off and try intermittent fasting and diet change first. !! I will test my blood sugar thought to see where I am… my understanding is taking insulin shots will reduce my sugar but potentially make me worse leaving me to continually up the insulin dosage for the same effect. Does not seem like a good way to treat type 2 ?? If I am wrong let me know.

  14. Don't know about anybody else, but this is the best video I've ever seen explaining diet, insulin resistance and the weight set point.

  15. I thought a boiled egg a day is good for health. I’ve been eating boiled egg/day for few months and when I went for my blood test, it showed my cholesterol spiked up! Nah! Eating egg daily is bad for health!

  16. Thank you, my mother who has high blood pressure kept thinking high amounts of sugar foods are not effecting her high blood pressure . I was able to explain this to her in a simplified way. Thanks.

  17. Dr berg I should openly confess that during a 3 mo practice of your tips I lost 18 kg , Although as a pediatrician I knew most of what you present but your inspiration and power of speech can help alot . your knowledge is now being multiplied in my office , I help others in a way you do using your fluent understandable points . you are excellent 💐💐appreciation from Iran .

  18. After putting on over 100 lbs 15 years ago, and NEVER been able to lose any meaningful weight loss, I discovered INTERMITTENT FASTING 6 months ago, and in tandem with Low Carb Healthy Fat eating …..I HAVE NOW LOST 22 lbs in the last 3 months !!!! I am also REVERSING my Type 2 Diabetes. No longer injecting insulin — which was the cause for not only gaining and holding on to the weight, but also to cure the hyperinsulinemia. Stopped that and the weight is flying off (at a steady healthy rate)

  19. Superb presentation, again. Thank you Dr. Berg, for being a great teacher and sharing your knowledge. We take it all to heart.

  20. Love your presentations,you also reminds me of a doctor I used to work with,your height,facial similarities and your voice,you could've been brothers.

  21. If I eat a banana or porridge I end up feeling seriously hungry to the point of nausea within an hour. When I eat meat I don’t get any issues and feel full quickly.

  22. I cant thank you enough, i just realized i have a very shitty metabolism from long term restricting, bad eating habits, barely working out and poor sleep schedule

  23. try to see how much potatoes that are cooked and cooled , reheated then cooled and reheated how much carbs that will be absorbed ??

  24. My parents are always so worried that I’m “starving myself” . I need to show them this video.
    Edit: what are the effects of low estrogen?

  25. I’m just wondering, I’m on a diet highish in fat, meat and eggs.. and a bit of pure butter. And pink salt. Supposedly called the carnivore diet. Do I have to stop eating beef and whole eggs now? Plus, I’m on one meal a day and I have that meal at about 12/1pm. And I’ve only been doing it for 3 weeks now and have lost 28lb. Do I have to add veg? If so, what is the best veg? I just need help.. I have epilepsy and hypothyroidism and I started doing this for health reasons..

  26. I am totally in awe of this man who delivers and shares his knowledge with such a generous spirit. I recently had my sister in Denver order the Gallbladder Formula for me and it came out with a friend to me in South Africa. It has made a HUGE difference in only 4 days. Thank you, Dr Berg.

  27. Dr Berg may God continue to bless you unconditionally. You are such a blessing to the world. Honestly I love you Dr. You are a true Dr. Thanks again for all the information really much much appreciated. I am here in Namibia deep at my village listening to your message and we are all stunned

  28. Dr Berg I have a few questions
    I appreciate you would answer
    Why all the non fat or fat free products were created for people to lose weight ? Who are the scientists behind this idea of fat free food ?
    Please answer my questions please and thank you so much

  29. I've had high blood pressure since I was about 11 years old. I've been falling asleep after meals and I haves an appt. at the sleep disorders clinic to see if I've developed narcolepsy. And to see if I can get my oxygen machine back- but I may not need it, I'm sleeping. I just posted on your last video- I was so sure B1 is what I'm lacking. And I need to get off Metformin! I've been on it since I was given a mediation I shouldn't have been given- before that I was able to control my blood sugar with cinnamin bark and after awhile R-Lipoic Acid. Now I know it wouldn't work for me to switch to insulin. I need help! I used to have really high triglycerides and not enough good cholesterol. But that was taken care of by adding Omega3s. I really don't know what to do. I have high cortisol in some areas and low in others, high insulin in some parts of my body and low in others? HELP! Oh, and I could add in there the most recent issue that no one seems to know anything about- started suddenly about 6, 8 weeks ago- seriously bad smelling urine. I was told my kidneys were working fine. That's all they could come up with…..

  30. OMG- I thought I needed to eat smaller amounts more often. I don't get hungry very often. But I eat to take medication and I stay up late to be sure to get at least 3 meals in. Before my blood sugar got bad I used to eat maybe once/day. I could go real long without eating- don't even think of food until I start eating. I bought nutritional yeast today. Oh, and I've been craving fermented foods, been eating meals of saurkraut, pickles and olives. 🙂

  31. what if you workout 6 days a week, having a really high TDEE and you can only eat 2-3 meals? How am i going to hit my calorie goal, even if im cutting? I have to eat atleast 4 meals a day

  32. It's very scary to think of what was really going on in my body before I went low carb. Your body is like a ticking time bomb with all of the conditions and symptoms of insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, just from eating simple carbs. I was having all of these things before I went low carb. I have no desire to ever return to that life again. It makes me sad that I didn't do this decades ago. It also makes me mad to see all of the commercials on t.v. advertising all of the horrible fast food and junk food that is killing us by the millions, year after year. Medical schools should include very advanced courses in nutrition and should be required to discuss nutrition with their patients. Dr. Berg should be the dean of it all!

  33. Dr. Berg, how could we have gotten this so wrong, for so long? Every year a new diet or recommendations come out. I was cleaning and organizing some drawers the other day and came across a 2001 Lilly Pharmaceutical Diabetes Food Guide pyramid. The Food Pyramid now is practically flipped upside down, from then, where 'fats and oils were to be used sparingly', the vegetable group included bread, cereal, rice, pasta and starches, the biggest group! The vegetable group was only the 2nd largest group! No wonder people have been so confused over the years. Apparently the keto/low carb group has the best and healthiest results!

  34. And what about leptin that is key to burn fat which is activated by carbohydrates?????? Excluding carbs is not a good idea at all… :/

  35. But if you hungry between lunch and dinner because you had trained before dinner? Can you take a snack then?

  36. Morning I m not hungry, I m delated my break fast, I m drinking more water and take meal all most 1 time daily. Evening try to relax.
    Normaly food should not taking with a water, after food 2 hourse ,not good to drink water, with a meal.
    Between the meal should be 4 hourse rest, to give chance for stomach, to mealt the food.
    Wish for everybody strong health and happy life. God protect everyone ameen 🤲🏻

  37. I've listened to dr. Berg for a while, and I'm still wondering if any of this information applies to a bodybuilding lifestyle?

  38. I have none of these.. my problem is definitely NOT this.. however he pinpointed that I have adrenal gland problems.. this guy is a genius..

  39. Dr. Berg, thank you for this video- I have two lipomas on my lateral malleoli- one on each side, I am obese- please share any remedies to naturally reverse lipomas or skin tags or xanthalessmas.( all of which I have)

  40. Disliked in 2 seconds. Your cool but do you think I have a half hour for your random video that comes up with a hundred or thousenfl others???

  41. If this is true, then how does the potato diet cause people to lose weight? That would be impossible according to this guy's theory.

  42. I love all this information. Just started with Apple cider to try to detox from sugar when I came across this video. I already feel better. Thanks and keep the info coming!

  43. I've taken notes as Dr. Berg suggested, followed the information he generously provided and, guess what: after a couple of days I'm down 2 lbs already, yet I didn't eat stuff I don't like or avoided stuff I really love (home-made desserts). I had read Jon Gabriel and in my youth had even successfully applied the Montignac method, so believe me, I have a lot of diet theory under my belt (and a lot of its misfiring over it, too): Dr. Berg not only makes sense, he puts it in a way in which one can follow his advice.


  44. Well, now I have to translate this to my father, to make him understand why he does not lose weight and has high glicemic index and insulin resistance… Thank you!!!

  45. Thank you Dr. Berg & Dr. Mindy Pelz on Youtube. Both have helped me tremoundsly. I've gone down to 2 meals + IF & finally it has moved the needle for me in losing stubborn fat. 🎉👏👏

  46. I just love this guy, Is always on point right from the very start, never wastes his or your time and also u learn something new even if u have watched the same video a couple of times

  47. Does anyone know how long it takes to change the setpoint. I was IM for 6 weeks, two meals a day. Ate the good stuff as is shown in this presentation and I didn’t loose a single pound. It was so demotivating, that a quit. How long yalll? Tell a girl how long?🤔🤔🤔🤔

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