How to Burn the Most Fat

How to Burn the Most Fat

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Berg here. Listen, I have a question. How many times have you attempted to lose
weight and it didn’t work out? How many failures do you have in the area
of weight loss? Once? Twice? A hundred? As we age, it becomes more difficult to lose
weight. If your metabolism is stuck and you plateaued,
I need your undivided attention because I’m going to show you a completely different way
to approach weight loss, and this is going to change the course of your attempts. You need a happy ending to the struggles. All I want is for you to be willing to learn
something new. If you still even have the slightest consideration
that you cannot be helped, watch this video to the entire end, and you will have the confidence
that it will work for you. I promise that. Get out a pen and paper and take notes because
I need your undivided attention. Hi. My name’s Dr. Berg. I’ve been in practice for 27 years. I trained over 2,500 doctors in the area of
alternative medicine. I taught at Howard University in the area
of nutrition as a part-time professor. I have a best-selling Amazon book on hormones
and weight loss. I also have over 30 million views on YouTube. And I have a confession to make. I used to be a junk food junkie. I was the worst. I was a sugar fiend. I would eat tons of junk food, and I had no
awareness of health. But it caught up to me. When I was 28 years old … I’m 29 now. I’m just kidding. I’m 52. When I was 28, I started developing arthritis,
inflammation, chronic adrenal burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome. My digestive system was all inflamed. I had arthritis in my fingers. I started getting this pizza crust around
my midsection. I was trying to gain weight in high school. Then now I’m trying to lose weight. I was like, “What is going on with my body?” Also, I cheated so much, and I justified it. I used to say, “Well, I’ll eat healthy when
I graduate from college.” Then it went from, “I’ll eat healthy when
I get older.” Well, that only lasted so long. What that led me to was some huge discoveries
in the area of health that I want to share with you and specifically weight loss. Here’s what I discovered. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? People don’t lose weight to get healthy. They have to first get healthy to lose the
weight. It’s get healthy first and then lose the weight
second. Why? Because your weight is a symptom. It’s not the cause. It’s a symptom of an unhealthy body. Losing weight is actually very unnatural to
the body. The body doesn’t like to lose weight. It goes against its purpose to survive, so
it doesn’t like to lose anything. So the weight is the tip of the iceberg. The real thing is something that I’m going
to show you next. The reason has to do with a very specific
hormone that’s holding down your metabolism. There are two sets of hormones: hormones that
make you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight. Most mainstream advice focuses on the calories,
but they ignore the hormone triggers. Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism. They try to give you an appetite suppressant. They’re trying to do some type of trick to
trick your metabolism through some exercise, but that is never going to work. Now I’m going to show you this secret but
I need your full attention. If you checked out, check back in right now
because this is vital. The hormone that stops you from losing weight
is called insulin. A lot of people know this as relating to diabetes,
but it has another function, a huge function. It is the hormone that puts fat not only on
your body but mainly your midsection. It also prevents you from losing weight. It’s called the fat storage hormone. Here’s what people don’t realize. In the presence of even a tiny little bit
of insulin, all fat-burning hormones are shut down. What does that mean? It means that if you were to consume a half
a glass of juice, glass of wine, a bagel, even a piece of fruit, if you have a problem
with this hormone, you’re not going to lose weight for the next 48 hours. When you see someone with belly fat, you can
be 100% sure that that person has too much insulin. So the insulin goes up, a person gains weight. When insulin goes down, they lose the weight. Let’s just look at this book called Guyton’s
physiology, the authority medical book in every medical school. All aspects of fat metabolism are greatly
enhanced in the absence of insulin. We need to create an absence of insulin to
lose weight. Based on the information on insulin, you can
predict what diet is going to work and which one is not. If you took the Adkins diet or Weight Watchers
or paleo or vegan or ketogenic, the question is does any of these lower insulin? Those are the ones that are going to work. Insulin is the switch that determines whether
you burn fat or you make fat. The next question is what lowers insulin? Here are the things. Number one, carbohydrates. Now, you probably already know this that low
carb diets are very, very healthy. You want to cut the sugar out. You want to cut the hidden sugars out. That does include the breads, pasta, cereal,
crackers, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, muffins, sodas, juice, alcohol, flavored yogurts, fruits. Most people know that; some people don’t. Number two, avoid combining protein with sugar. If you were going to go to a restaurant and
order a breaded piece of meat or maybe it’s a hot and sweet sour chicken from a Chinese
restaurant or a hamburger with the bun or a hamburger with the fries or a hamburger
with the coke, that will greatly spike insulin way more than if you eat these separated. Number three, and this is one that people
don’t realize, lean, low fat proteins trigger insulin more than fattier proteins. If you were going to buy a burger, like some
burger meat, and you had 95% versus 85% and there’s more fat, I would go for the fattier
meat because fat tends to buffer insulin. Lean protein, specifically protein powders
like whey protein, that will spike insulin more. That’s a new one. Next one, excessive protein. Large amounts of protein convert to insulin,
so the ideal amount of protein is between three to six ounces. I hope you’re taking notes. Next one, MSG, monosodium glutamate. What is that? That is a chemical that enlarges your taste
buds to make the food taste more savory, to make it more delicious than it really is. All the fast food places have MSG in their
food. [Peruvian 00:07:08] chicken, they put MSG,
like a ton of it. There’s MSG in so many foods in the grocery
store. But here’s the problem. It spikes insulin by 200%. Yeah, I know. So here you are, you consume this food. It tastes really, really good. Then all of a sudden you notice next day you
just gain a bunch of weight because it spikes insulin. Next one is stress. I wrote a book on body types. The adrenal body type is the one with the
belly fat. That’s triggered by cortisol. That’s a stress hormone. But here’s the thing. Cortisol doesn’t increase the belly fat directly. It works through insulin, so stress increases
insulin. Lastly, too frequent meals, too frequently
eating. If you eat too frequently, like five to six
times a day versus two or three times a day, that’s going to spike insulin. Why? Because eating in general increases insulin. I know. It doesn’t even matter what you eat. It’s spiking insulin. If you’re grazing at night or snacking between
meals, you’re spiking insulin. That’s going to create … That’s a hidden
source of high levels of insulin. Now some of you are going to attempt these
actions, and you’re going to lose weight, but you’re not going to fully reach your goal
because there’s a condition that will prevent you from getting 100% results. Let me show you what that is. It’s called insulin resistance. Insulin has become dysfunctional. It’s become damaged to the point where it
doesn’t work anymore. The body is resisting it because there’s too
much of it, so it blocks it. People with insulin resistance have five to
seven times more insulin than normal people. If you were to test someone with insulin resistance,
they might have normal blood glucose, but they have very high insulin levels, but the
doctors never check that. You would have to test the fasting insulin
test, not a fasting glucose test, completely different. Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic state,
but a lot of times it will not show up on normal tests until it’s too late and you become
a diabetic. Now let me show you the symptoms of insulin
resistance. Number one, belly fat despite how many sit
ups you do. You cannot lose your belly fat no matter what. Number two, you get plateaued despite eating
healthy. Number three, when you eat carbohydrates you
feel better. It reduces your stress. You become less cranky. Number four, you crave sugar and carbs. Number five, a need for a nap after lunch. Number six, brain fog, dementia, absentmindedness. You start lacking the clarity of focus especially
when you don’t eat. Number seven, worse eyesight especially as
the day progresses. It’s like at night your vision is worse. I mean think about a diabetic, a diabetic,
they go blind. Why? Because the blood sugars are needed to be
normalized to actually feed the eye. Since insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic
state, you could have vision problems well before diabetes. It’s just bad eyesight. Next one, not satisfied after you eat. You need a little something sweet after you
eat. Why? Because the cells are insulin resistant. They’re blocking insulin, and so you can’t
get the fuel in the cells so the cells are starving, yet you gain all this weight. You become fatter, yet you’re starving to
death. Next one, the need to urinate in the middle
of the night. Wherever the sugar goes, the water goes. In other words you might have fluid retention,
but you also might just be peeing in the middle of the night once or more than once. That’s a pre-diabetic symptom of insulin resistance. Number 10, swollen belly as the day progresses. Do you find that in the morning your stomach
is a little bit lower, but at the end of the day it’s [swole 00:11:33] up or maybe after
you eat it just swells up? That’s insulin resistance. So you could see insulin creates a lot of
problems. Now there are also dangerous, long-term side
effects of too mush insulin as well: heart disease, diabetes, as you might already know. A fatty liver comes from too much insulin. Especially if the person doesn’t eat or drink
alcohol, it’s coming from the insulin part. High blood pressure is too much insulin. That’s why when you actually fix the insulin
issue, the blood pressure comes down. High cholesterol because insulin converts
sugar into cholesterol and triglycerides. Stroke has been connected to high levels of
insulin. Dementia is a little plaquing in the brain
that stops the brain from working. In Alzheimer’s, amyloid plaque it’s called. That comes from too much insulin. So you could see that insulin is the common
denominator for so many health problems that go beyond just belly fat. The next question is what do we do? Before I get into this I want you to … if
you’ve checked out, just check back in with me right now because I need your full attention
because some of you might have brain fog from insulin resistance. The strategy is very, very backwards. We’re not trying to treat a disease. We’re not trying to treat weight loss. Medicine, health care really is the management
of symptoms. They’re not getting you healthy. What’s missing in health care is the health
part. What we want to do is we want to get you healthy,
then lose the weight. We want to get the insulin system healthy. We want to get the hormones healthier so you
have a chance to lose weight. Here’s the question. Can you do it with food alone? That’s a very good question. Maybe. If you were to have all organic food that’s
from fertile soils from the farmer’s market or the healthy store and you can make sure
that it’s grown on soil that’s very, very healthy, you could probably do it. But here’s the problem. In the US, the soils are so depleted. In the 1900s the nutrition content was so
much higher in America than it is now. You can actually research that and find the
USDA RDAs. If you look that up, which I have, the nutrition
was way higher. Now it’s depleted because the farmers have
not been putting the nutrition back in. Now in Europe, people are thinner than Americans. I believe because their soil is richer with
nutrition. In Africa, the kids even in Africa, they don’t
have teeth problems. They don’t get cavities. They have perfect bone structure. In America, everyone goes to the dentist every
five seconds and fills a cavity. That has to do with the richness of the soil. What makes the soil rich is the minerals. The minerals are necessary for vitamins to
be made so the plant can pull the minerals and make certain vitamins. That’s how it works. Your food is only as healthy as the soil it
grows on. Let’s just take one mineral that insulin is
depended on, and that has to do with this one mineral called potassium. Potassium is something you need in large quantities. You need 4,700 milligrams every single day. Now, you might say, “Well, I eat a banana
a day so that should be enough, right?” Bananas only have 300 milligrams, so how many
bananas would it take to equal 4,700 milligrams if one banana’s only 300? That’s 15 bananas. You’d have to eat 15 bananas every single
day to get your potassium requirement. Let’s say avocados. Avocados are high in potassium. You still would need five avocados every single
day. You would need 10 cups of vegetables every
single day to get your requirement for potassium. Why is this? That’s weird. It has to do with the soils. The soils are so depleted. Welcome to America. You’re consuming empty nutrition, even when
you eat the food. Remember growing up how the food used to taste
really good? Now it’s like empty, a tomato, and you go
to maybe other countries, it’s like rich. It’s amazingly delicious. The point is that this is just one little
mineral. That blew me away when I found that out, but
it is the reason why it’s causing our endocrine system to suffer and creating massive deficiencies
in hormones and glands. I did some research to find out what ingredient,
what remedy that would be grown on organic, nutrient dense soils that could provide enough
nutrition to get us healthy. This is what I found. Here it is: wheat grass juice powder. Now why? Because wheat grass juice powder has some
amazing properties. First of all one teaspoon is equivalent to
six to 10 shots of wheat grass. Also, it’s equivalent to one tray of wheat
grass, 12 inches by 20 inches. So one teaspoon is equivalent to one tray
of wheat grass. It’s incredibly concentrated. It’s 100% organic. There’s no gluten, no GMO anything, no preservatives. But this is what’s cool. It’s grown on an ancient seabed. That’s an old ocean floor that has all the
dried trace minerals, the salts. When this wheat grass is grown on that soil,
you get incredible properties of minerals that have been pulled up into the plant. Talk about a fertile soil. It’s incredible. In fact the only other place that I know that
has that type of soil is where there’s volcanoes, volcanic ash in different parts of the world. If you go [health food 00:17:29] store and
buy wheat grass, it’s grown on not even soil. It’s grown on a little bit of a fiber so you
don’t get near the nutrition. See, the plant breaks down the minerals or
the rocks and converts those into a plant-based mineral and makes them 15,000 times smaller
than an actual salt or a rock, so they’re 100% absorbable. That’s a really cool property. The other cool thing that’s unique about this
type of wheat grass juice that I have is that it uses a special dehydrating process, not
even dehydrating. It’s called bioactive dehydration, but it’s
not like the typical high heat. The temperature that they dry this out goes
up to 106 degrees. That’s like lukewarm but only for a minute,
so when it comes out dry, it’s basically raw. That means all the delicate enzymes are preserved,
so when you take this stuff, it’s like drinking pure health. You feel like your energy comes up. It’s like a alternative to coffee. It brings you up. It makes you feel healthy right away. The other thing is that it’s a wheat grass
juice powder. It’s not a wheat grass powder. The juice powder … I mean think about how
much concentrated a juice powder is versus a powder. You’re not getting the fiber. You’re getting a pure, low Glycemic Index,
low sugar, super concentrated nutrient dense, healing material in one teaspoon, so it’s
really convenient. It’ll save you time. You don’t have to have a juicer. You don’t have to clean the juicer, which
is a pain in the butt. All you do is take a scoop, mix it with water,
shake it, and drink it. Now recently I’ve upgraded my wheat grass
to this right here. What I did is I added a type of organic wheat
grass that’s called kamut. Kamut wheat grass has additional health benefits. It’s loaded with the antioxidant called selenium. It’s loaded with amino acids that are even
more than regular wheat grass. It’s loaded with healthy fatty acids and a
lot of other nutrition as well. This wheat berry was originally used by the
Egyptians long ago, and now they’re bringing it back. It’s quite amazing. Also, I wanted to taste really delicious,
so I added an organic lemon flavor to it, so it’s not just plain. It’s actually a lemon-lime flavor. Also, it has a hint of stevia so it’s slightly
sweet. So it’s a real refreshing lemon flavor. There’s no aftertaste. It’s quite delicious. It’s pretty cost-effective because if you
were to get actual wheat grass in a shot at the health food store, it’ll be about $2.50. So we’re comparing one teaspoon which is six
to 10 shots of wheat grass which basically if you bought it in a shot form, it would
be $15 to $25, but one teaspoon of wheat grass juice powder is only 50 to 66 cents. Let’s see, 66 cents to $25. Let me see which one I want to do. There’s also some really good research that
supports wheat grass and even the chlorophyll in wheat grass in relationship to supporting
healthy blood sugars and supporting healthy insulin levels. Here’s your next step. Make the decision and click the order button
below and you’ll be taken to the check out page where you can fill out your details. Your first wheat grass juice powder will be
shipped out right away so you can start taking it as soon as possible. I’m also going to give you a free shaker bottle
as a bonus if you get three bottles or six bottles, so you can just add water and shake
it thoroughly into a smooth drink. Because I didn’t add any chemicals that thin
the powder and it’s all just pure wheat grass powder, you’re going to need this shaker bottle. If you act now, I’m going to throw in another
free bonus. It’s my new booklet entitled, “How to Burn
Fat & Fix your Metabolism.” This booklet is the condensed version of all
my successful actions in one easy to understand summary. It’ll teach you how to get your insulin healthy,
how to get your entire body healthy, so you get to finally lose the weight and feel great. This is not about cutting calories or starving
yourself or even being unsatisfied. You will love these meals. They’re delicious, easy to make, and it will
produce the results. Let me cover some frequently asked questions. First one, does it have that bitter aftertaste
like most wheat grass juice shots? Sometimes when you consume raw wheat grass
juice, it can have a funny aftertaste. But because of where our wheat grass is grown
and how it’s processed, it’s very smooth with no aftertaste, and the lemon flavor and the
hint of stevia make it amazing. Next one, does it have gluten? No, it’s completely, 100% gluten free. Could I substitute this instead of eating
vegetables? I recommend you have both. This product is an enhancement to your diet
not a full replacement. Next question, can I mix it with protein powder? Sure, it’s not a problem. It might give you a little lemon taste to
it. Next question, can I give it to my kids? Absolutely, they will love it. What does it taste like? It tastes like a satisfying slightly lemon
drink. Can I take more than one? Sure, one people take one in the morning and
one at night. When is the best time to take it? You can take it any time, but the feedback
that I’m getting is that it’ll wake you up in the morning and help you calm you down
at night. Where can I get the nutritional profile? Go to my website under FAQ and supplements
and you’ll find as a download. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it. Click the button below. 50 cents a day is going to be worth how you’re
going to feel, how healthy you’re going to get, and how you’re going to look in your
clothes. Thank you so much for watching.

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  32. "Sugar has to be zero to tap into keytones" This is simply not true ! CARBS have to be zero or near zero. Now sugar is carbs but not all carbs are sugars. If you eat zero sugar but a lot of pasta you still won't loose fat.

  33. You can go into ketosis in 2-3 days….just eat 1-2 avocados only and presto, your in a high degree of ketosis i did it and learned it from dr. Darren Schmidt's YouTube channel. I believe he's a friend of dr. Berg

  34. But if I need 2800 kcal a day but only eat chicken breast and broccoli with some different vitamin supplements and only water to under 2000 kcal a day, won't I lose fat then? What else than fat can I burn if I don't eat any sugar or carbs and eat so much less than I use?

  35. Ok so 1 thing I don’t understand. Surely once you’ve burnt off all the sugar you’ve eaten then your body uses its fat. That’s why you lose weight when in calorie deficit. It would follow then that if you eat less sugar you’ll burn more fat. I don’t really understand the “0” sugar statement in this video.

  36. I have been having keto flue for like 6 weeks and counting. I have gone done from 10 percent carbs to zero carbs , no veggies even but still not in Ketosis. I keep up with electrolytes so I know it’s not that . I have increased my fat intake to almost 90 %.. I can have ghee and fatty bacon for breakfast etc advice ?
    Maybe my body was not meant for ketones !

  37. I lost 100 pounds Dr. Berg!!! I weighed myself today and I can't believe it.. .. Now Im working on losing another 40 and tone it up..

  38. This guy is incredible. I followed his advice (all of it), and my body feels better than I can remember it feeling. I am almost 50 years old, so I am guessing I forgot how I felt in my youth. At any rate, I always used to prefer to delay eating until at least about 2 PM. I was always skinny (with or without working out).
    I started making myself eat in the morning because I heard it was good for me. I got fatter! Also, my thyroid went crazy about a year ago (runs in the family).
    Now I do not worry about food all day. It is such a liberation. I only realized how much of my attention was given to planning meals. Now I eat once a day.
    I did not experience hunger even on the first day. What the doctor is suggesting feels so natural to my body.
    My sleep was off for the first four days but eventually corrected. I was not getting deep non-REM at first (my best guess). Now all is good.
    What he (and many others) says about getting enough electrolits is absolutely key. I live in Cambodia where it is always hot. Even if all you can add is salt, you are better off. Taking in electrolits has been really important to me.
    I have lost about a pound a day, and.I eat as much as my body can take. My face looks younger already.
    I have been on Atkins for years. The keto diet he suggests is not new. It is the fasting.

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