ESSENTIAL COCKTAIL SYRUPS 101 – Raspberry, Ginger, Honey!

ESSENTIAL COCKTAIL SYRUPS 101 – Raspberry, Ginger, Honey!

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  1. Cocktail syrups are the basis for sooooo many drinks so it's important to get it right! There are many slightly different methods to make syrups but these methods are quick and easy! What can you make with these syrups? See the article here:

  2. Muslin is pronounced more like cousin. Love the channel btw, you've been a huge inspiration for slowly stocking up my bar at home

  3. It would be great if you could show the examples of using this syrups. 🙂 Greetings from Poland! 🙂

  4. Awesome video Steve! I’ve been making my own cocktails at home for about a year now and I was just thinking to myself the other day that I’m ready for the next step which would be making my own simple syrups with fresh herbs! I’m excited to try these out!

  5. Shouldn’t I let mint syrup with mint inside it stay in fridge for 24 hours as well as with the cranberry one before I strain mint leaves from liquid part of the syrup?

  6. You're probably not going to use a liter of ginger syrup.
    Oouhh boi, you dont know how much I love my penicilin or moscow mule.

  7. How did you come up with how long these will last? I’ve kept a simple syrup for multiple months in the fridge with no issues…

  8. If you use a juicer how much of the ginger juice you should use for the sirop? 50g seems like a lot. Thanks !

  9. With the short shelf life, even in the fridge, what are your thoughts of freezing some of it and using it in your shaker or thaw it before use?

  10. Sugars are a natural preservative. They last forever. Why do you say they only last for a week or so? Do they actually go bad? If so, I didn't know that.

  11. You put all that you very eazy. I have one question, it si the same procedure to do an almond syrup!? Or how can i make one!? Thank you!?🍹🍸🥃🍻

  12. How did i get here? It’s 5pm and im 16 so i can’t even drink, i just got so fascinated I guess😅

  13. Just wondering, as many (if not all) ratios in cocktails are assumed to be by volume, and generally when people think of 1 to 1 simple syrup, they think 1 part (lets say "cup") of sugar to 1 part ("cup" i.e. 8 oz) of water, why are you doing it by mass? Water is not nearly as dense as sugar (1.49 g/cm^3)? Is this simple syrup made here much more dilute? Was this a mistake?

  14. are there seriously NO WAY of extending the shelf life of these, because I mean I like to drink a variety of drinks but I'm not gonna use all this in a week and I'm definitely not counting on cooking up new syrup every week, so can you get like an air tight bottle from somewhere, and sterilise the liquid before you put it in? I mean there must be something you could do,

  15. Hoping to see a tutorial of how to make a grenadine syrup soon !
    Keep up the fantastic work you're doing. Terrific channel.

  16. Wonderful!!!, Really Nice your vídeo, about syrups. It's way to learn and understand better cocktails world.

  17. My Old Fashioneds video has the creation of kumquat simple syrup and candied kumquats.

    Makes for an interesting Old Fashioned.

  18. Out of curiosity, is peeling the ginger something that has to be done or could you get away with not doing it?

  19. I would like to give u a not if u clean the bottle whit boiling water and after whit atamon then pour the Sirup while it is hot then it will hold much longer we have un open bottles of homemade well any kind of juice or something like that and it simply ready to use when ever and that is so u can make big Baches of the Sirup when the taste is in season and so u doesn’t need to make it that offend but nice video

  20. hey Steve, is there any chance you could do or show some c cocktails sugar free etc for diabetics? so we can enjoy some nice cocktails too

  21. I love your channel. The music makes it easy to sit and watch. You explain it simple, and clear, videos aren't too long and you accomplish a lot in them but not too much. Very empathetic and good examples of drinks to use given. Cheers

  22. Honey I usually do 3×1 (3 parts of honey for a 1 part of water). Simple syrup is just equal parts 1×1.

  23. W👀w!! What a great informative video. You schooled me on simple syrups! Thank you for all the great tips! 👍🏾

  24. Penicillin sounds like it would great if you have a cold. Honey & ginger are great when you feel like crude, going to check out that recipe now, thanks Steve

  25. For the ginger syrup, I use slices of ginger and boil with the sugar water to create the syrup. The slices are candied and make a great sweet and spicy snack, or maybe even a garnish.

  26. FYI if you use fresh raspberries that have been frozen for a short period (a week or two) I find it intensifies the flavour because some of the water is extracted from the berries

  27. So say if I'm trying to make a chile syrup (jalapeño or somethin). Should I add the chiles to the pot on the stove or do it the infusion way like you do with the raspberries?

  28. If you bottle it hot in a marmalade jar, it will last extremely long as long as you don't open it, you can apply the 2-4weeks after you opened the jar.

  29. Hey Steve! Loved the video. Question about the ginger syrup though. Would it also work to grate the ginger into the syrup using a grater or microplane?

  30. So concise with explanations and demonstrations. Thats why you da best Steve! Turned 21 this year so getting my GOOD drink on bc who wants to just drink nasty college vodka and straight tequila shots to get loose.

  31. I would have added a dash of vodka to all the syrups to extend shelf life and have the alcohol help extract more of the flavors.

  32. This is too awesome. It's so nice when I find something I love and can do myself. Thanks for sharing!! Just one question, how can one extend the self life of these… if that is possible while holding its quality.

  33. i just stumbled on the channel few days ago and its really becoming one of my favourite channels and very useful cause i like making coctails at home, so now i have a lot of useful tips and things to try =)

  34. hey if i were to make a batch of vanilla and a batch of cinnamon syrup would i be able to substitute a vanilla bean with vanilla extract and a cinnamon stick with cinnamon powder

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