5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Food Edition

5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Food Edition

Hi guys! For today’s video we’re back for the second part of “5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight / Food Edition”. Amberlynn is obsessed with calories, and despite trying different methods for weight loss she always comes back to her favorite: counting calories. You do need a calorie deficit for weight loss. I’m not trying to deny that as it would be foolish. But how you spend these calories matter! Not only because they can make your diet easier or harder but they also dictate how healthy said diet is. When I say that diet isn’t as simple as just calories… I mean that 400 calories of McDonald’s means bad sources of fats, simple carbs, sodium, and poor nutritional value. The avalanche of sugar in these meals, when frequent, causes addiction. The sodium makes you bloat and retain more water; The poor nutritional value stops you from providing your body with the needed nutrients; But most importantly, by insisting on trying to lose weight eating these meals you are refusing to change your eating habits. Which makes you more susceptible to gain all of this weight back. Amberlynn’s case is a text book of all of this. She claims to be bloated all the time, uses her calories on the wrong types of food, it’s sick all the time due to a weak immune system that can be explained by the lack of nutrients consumed. She also fails to work on her relationship with food and obviously doesn’t get any satisfying results from this method. “Fake” health food are the products created to satisfy a demand for modified products. They are the light, zero, low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar products; People, including Amberlynn, usually believe that these products are healthy. But sometimes they are not! A low sugar product is for someone who can’t eat sugar; low sodium for someone with hypertension, for example. They help control one aspect of your diet, but they don’t necessarily make it healthier. Low fat products, for example, are known to have added sugar to compensate for the lack of fat, in an attempt to improve the taste. I’m talking about six times more sugar than their full fat version. Amberlynn also really loves frozen meals and ready-to-eat meals. And in my opinion is because she doesn’t like cooking and partially because taking a meal out of a box makes her feel like she’s not eating homemade food but takeout food. Frozen foods are not necessarily unhealthy, But I have two problems with them: One is that they come in a portion and you’re most likely going to eat the whole package’s content regardless if you’re hungry enough or not. Second is that the sodium in these products is usually way higher than a fresh meal. Also if you work from home and you barely leave the house, do you need to have frozen meals every single day? “Frequency” means the balance between so-called cheat meals and diet meals. I am a firm believer that what you do the most is equivalent to the results you will get, and I can say that from experience. This article points out just the same: “Consistency matters! If you are eating out much more than you used to you will likely see some weight gain but it’s not going to be after one or two nights out”. For Amberlynn, even when she is very restrictive with herself she still eats “cheat meals” three to four times a week. That combined with the number of times she eats “fake” healthy meals… this becomes the majority of her diet. This study claims that one weekend of bad meals can affect your gut health just as much as a consistently bad diet. Not to mention that even though Amberlynn always claims that her diet needs to be sustainable and a lifestyle change and that’s why she gave up on multiple restrictive diets before, none of her diets includes a large number of vegetables, fruits and fresh food in general. So on a scale of one to ten, where one is a very unhealthy meal and ten is the ideal diet plan, Amberlynn is always consuming meals from one to five and therefore her results also remain on that range. Amberlynn has stated herself that she doesn’t believe that she should control her portion to lose weight, and although I do agree that depending on your diet, portion control should not be a problem. That’s not the case for Amberlynn. Mainly because of our last point, which was how her meals are not the best options majority of the time. When you are on calorie control and you’re eating meals that are not the best, at the very least your attention to how much of it you are eating should be a priority. Because you see, in Amberlynn’s point of view she can lose weight as long as she controls her calories, right? This means that she can do it by eating whatever she wants as long as… …Yes, exactly, as long as she controls her portion. but then in her case, she also doesn’t think that she needs to manage how much she eats. So although there’s the whole debate of weight loss with words like “it’s not about what you eat but how much you eat” and vice versa, for Amberlynn what she is doing is basically “It’s not about what you eat and neither about how much you eat”. It’s just a bad combination. “Usually when we have an uncontrolled portion, we have an uncontrolled amount of calories available to us, which can be dangerous. A reveal published in 2013 stated that larger plates of food can lead to us eating up to 45% more than what our average intake would be. That’s a lot! Most data and studies support the claim that we will almost always eat more if we are offered a larger portions”. So although portion control becomes a secondary worry for people following a proper diet, for Amberlynn is a necessary part, that she fails to pay attention to. Amberlynn has countless mukbang videos on her channel, and the one thing in common in all of them is that she eats extremely fast and swallows her food without chewing. The psychological aspects of wanting to eat as fast as you can is similar to food aggression. I have watched amberlynn almost look like a different person when she’s about to start eating. It just looks like she can’t wait, like… literally like she physically cannot wait to eat. Other than that, not chewing is a known factor that can cause weight gain. “When people eat fast they tend not to feel full and are more likely to overeat. Eating fast causes bigger glucose fluctuation, which can lead to insulin resistance.” Being so, “slow eaters are less likely to become obese, and less likely to develop metabolic syndrome – a combination of disorders that increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes”. I might also add here that a long time at the table doesn’t necessarily mean chewing more. Amberlynn has said before that eating on camera helps her be more aware of what she’s eating. But I don’t see it this way. She spends her time talking and not paying attention to her meal. But when she does take a bite she still fails to chew her food properly. So in the end she ends up eating more, since she’s not paying any attention, and also eating faster, as she wants to swallow her food quickly to be able to talk. That combined with the bad food that she’s most likely consuming is a recipe for weight gain. Or at the very least, a recipe to NOT lose weight. I could probably do a lot of parts for this series as I can think of at least five more things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight, so do let me know if you want me to post more parts for this series, but for now… Thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye

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  1. Hi guys!!! Sorry for my voice I was sick all week. If you're having trouble understanding me there are English subs as always! Enjoy the video!!

  2. I feel like her narcissism is what’s preventing her from doing anything.. she probably developed narcissistic personality disorder to protect herself but now it’s killing her

  3. She doesnt or cant put in the hard work to lose weight. She isn't ready to put her pride aside to grow as a person and go through the hard times to lose the weight. I honestly think she will die within the next 5 years because she constantly gains weight.

  4. Honestly just don’t have junk food in your house so you aren’t tempted and keep yourself busy, but her friends probably bring her food

  5. Obviously the experts are aware that she is eating wayyyy over 3000 calories therefore eating 3000 calories she would lose weight!!! Everything is an exception to Amberlynn, Everything.

  6. I really like your research and analysis. I know from experience that eating too fast makes managing your weight difficult. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour before you feel full. When I go out to eat, I request a to go box before I start eating. I put 1/2 to 2/3 of my meal in the to go box (depending on the amount served). That way I am not tempted to over eat.

  7. I HIGHLY doubt Obese to Beast told her to eat 3k calories a day. People think Amber's a victim because of how she's treated but look at how she just lied on OTB like it was nothing.

  8. I keep hearing everyone on YouTube is fake, I am beginning to think it's true. ALR is a fake weightloss channel her every day Life is so boring af so she gets on here selling you a lie.

  9. I’m sorry y’all I couldn’t listen to anything moon eyes was saying in the beginning because I couldn’t stop watching how sad and senile Becky looks in the first vid. I have to wonder if BIG AL pointed it out to her or maybe she saw it herself which is why she stopped the message per what BIG AL said in a vid recently. It’s just so strange to see some one barely in their 20s walk slower than my 90 year old nana who has dementia. That’s the way they walk in the nursing homes. Ever get behind one while there visiting someone? It’s the same walk Becky has in that vid and many other before that. It’s just mesmerizing. Like how mentally unstable was she for a doctor to feel the need to turn her in to a damn zombie for god sakes???

  10. You make a lot of good points that do apply to her, and apply to others trying to lose weight, but fact is she could literally eat crappy frozen meals all day and stay under her calories and the weight would fall out. The simple fact is she's eating too much. I don't know how tall she is, but say she's 5'5 and weighs 600 pounds. She burns over 4,000 calories just breathing and her body keeping her alive and not moving a muscle. If she actually just ate 3000 calories of anything she'd lose at least 2 pounds a week.

  11. All four of those women are either morbidly obese or super morbidly obese!! The two men are the ONLY ones taking their health seriously…so if she continues to keep people in her circle that are just as unhealthy and lackadaisical about their weight she will not succeed or make changes…

  12. I wish she would be smart with her calories if she really wanted to lose weight by counting calories. I tried to avoid counting calories because I was too lazy to count and track things, and I also thought that I would lose weight as long as I was exercising, but I was gaining. However, since the beginning of this year, I have lost 7 pounds by counting my calories and working out. And doing this has made me smarter with my food choices. I cook meals that will fill me and be healthy for me while still being lower in calories. If I can do this while being in college and working then amber can also do it. I really really hope she gets it together and starts making smart food choices. I know I havent lost much weight yet, but I honestly feel so good and I'm not hungry from boredom all the time. I always used to think about my next meal but I dont think about that anymore. Anyway.. I'll finish now..but I wish she would take her health seriously

  13. She talks like she’s only got 20 pounds to lose. She fails to see that death comes to those this super morbidly obese.

  14. she still eating rice, foods based with wheat (pasta, pizza, etc) and sugary foods.
    that are the worse ingredient for weight loss diet.
    after eat, you too full, bloating, lazy. exercising??? almost can't keep exercising.
    after eat that make you craving more and more too.
    and helloooo, welcome circle from hell.
    eat, eat, eat, and eat again. you never can be enaugh 🥴🥴🥴

  15. I think she is never, ever showing us what she really eats in a day anymore. Nikocado posted a video about what he claimed ALR eats in a day… he's not reliable, but he IS exactly the sort of person to make private messages public. Anyway, what he said she eats was, hmm… Singapore noodles for breakfast, from a Chinese place. 20 piece Wendy's hot wings with a fully loaded baked potato for lunch, and bags of sweets for supper. I was like, I bet she is, oh I bet she is.

  16. Great job! I love that you provide information we can all use but use ALR as an example and catalyst for the discussion. Im also really glad you addressed the frozen meals bc those things are not healthy despite their claims. I would also be interested in maybe a thought experiment since you are being educated in this field currently if you could design a weight loss program for Amberlynn what would it be? I would love to see what you think would be better food/behavior wise as a hypothetical.

  17. It is all very sad and a little depressing. The truth is, Amberlynn doesn't have long to live.

    You can find all kinds of things stopping Amberlynn from losing weight, but in the end it is Amberlynn. Being a semi famous Youtuber, she has access to information, but she just doesn't want to, or can't bring herself to follow any program for more than a week or two. At close to or maybe more than 600 lbs, she needs to put together 4 or 5 good months of losing 20 or 30 lbs a month together just to get started,. Once the habits are engrained, her chances of succeeding go up. But if she reaches for a cheat meal every other day, she has no chance of succeeding. Because, IMO, high sugar high fat processed foods, including most restaurant food is like a drug to a food addict. She probably should get off of that stuff for good and swear off cheat meals for the forseeable future.

    At her current weight, she probably could lose weight eating 3,000 calories a day, which is a lot. And the sad thing is, she really needs to get used to eating a lot less, so if I were her, I would look to cut calories down to 1,700 or 1,800 calories a day because long term, that is what she needs to eat going forward into the future. And I know it is tough. People a lot less overweight than her have a hard time giving up high calorie fattening foods. But she needs to make the change for the sake of her future, because if she doesn't, she has no future.

  18. Dude her legs!! This is the first time ive ever paid attention to them from that birthday clip but oh my god. That cant be real??

  19. Sadly, I think Optavia would have done her the world of good had she stuck with it for more than 5 minutes. She really seems to stubbornly believe whatever she wants to eat is a single serving, maybe it would have helped her understand what a serving of something actually is.

  20. Amberlynn is stopping Amberlynn. Even if she is right about some her self diagnosis. Her actions show she doesn't realize the full extent of her mental issues. She is like several of my patients. She is not addressing the root cause of her issues, which sounds like from the information she had provided are deep childhood scars. She has an under-developed psyche and mentality. Amongst other things obviously. She also shows signs of Boderline Personality Disorder, of course we interact with different individuals differently but she takes on the personas of those around her. Her simply knowing she has a eating disorder is not enough. Until she works on her mental health she will not be able to be consistent with anything. Her delusions of grandeur, stop her from processing information fully. She interprets things the way she wants to and doesn't understand the seriousness. For example her and some others like her that are try to push this I'm morbidly obese but I'm healthy narrative that is virtually impossible. She swears she is not diabetic but at the absolute least she is prediabetic, the proof speaks for itself, which for her and others means if you continue on your present course you will most certainly be full blown diabetic. You might not have hypertension "yet" but that doesn't make you healthy. If you are that large and are consuming large amounts of food that has little to no nutritional value, that weight on your body is putting stress on everybody system, it's like driving a car and not maintaining it. Ok it cranks—for now doesn't mean it's in good condition. Because she thinks she knows everything and leaves stuff out like when she went to that Doctor. I'm sure he most certainly cautioned her on certain fruits and vegetables to avoid and gave her a phase plan instead of just pushing her into over drive which doesn't work and I'm she was geared towards her or preventing it from becoming full blown diabetes. She doesn't even realize she is addicted to diet soda which is exacerbating her issue. She's like oh a banana is better than butter, no Ma'am for you and your blood sugar it is not. Also people like her will take information they have heard from others and apply it to them. Like when she tried to stare she wasn't eating enough, because she went one day without food. Sugar, salt and fat are just like other drugs and you have to have an effective plan to break the addiction. Sugar is harder to break than Heroine. All her other issues make it that much harder. Our body and our minds work together she has to start with the mind, and healing the body will aid in that.

  21. She could eat 3k and lose weight. But in reality a doctor would most likely prescribe a very low calorie diet because her weight is getting to the point where she is inching closer to death

  22. I could never lose weight just beeing at home ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! With nothing to distract me from thinking about food and nothing i e a job/errand etc physically stopping me from eating when ever i want or is bored. I dont think im the only one.

  23. A 500 lbs woman eating 3000 calories a day will lose weight. It's math. It's reality. She would need to hibernate and not move at all to not lose weight and we can clearly see even sitting down is a workout for her. She simply eats too much and lies to herself about the calories. Simple.

  24. She has to be eating thousands and thousands of calories per day to maintain her weight but she's not even maintaining, she's gaining. She doesn't want to change and she's been this way for so long now that I don't believe she's capable of making any significant changes.

  25. Fatty girls….Amphetamine is the shitnitz. Just dont overdo it. Ephedrine is good aswell but i think that is rougher on the body. Drugs used in moderation is in no way more dangerous than being fat as shit so you have pretty much not much to loose to try it. 🙂 There is plenty of info on how to use these drugs safely if you google and once you are on your way and starting to get nicer bodies you might even consider some steroid use.

  26. 1) A complete and total lack of willpower.

    2) Narcissistic personality disorder.

    3) A refusal to get out of her comfort zone, on any level- at any cost.

    4) Lack of intelligence.

    5) Lack of desire to actually change.

    Edit: TLdR 🌮🍕🍟

  27. I don't agree with all of your nutrition advice, especially for people with metabolic syndrome (anyone with a protruding gut and insulin issues). They shouldn't be eating fresh fruit, other than a small handful of berries or other low carb fruits, and on a non-frequent basis.
    Any spike in insulin prevents weightloss, since insulin is a fat storing hormone, and fruit is a major contributor to that. Ketogenic diets are best for people with metabolic syndromes like diabetes, but many of them do it wrong by omitting vegetables almost completely. It's not sustainable, as the lack of micronutrients can cause deficiencies and anemia. You can get all of your vitamin C from vegetables too, you don't need fruit for them.
    Since you can eat 20 grams of carbs/day on keto, it's best to make sure you're getting them from low carb vegetables. Also, you need to increase your sodium intake, since ketosis flushes the sodium and excess water from your system. Sodium isn't a bad thing, it's an essential nutrient, and I don't like that it's being demonized all over the place. It's only unhealthy in higher amounts in diets rich in both fat and carbs.

  28. To be fair we could cut the list down to 1 thing- the only thing stopping Amberlynn from losing weight is Amberlynn!!!

  29. She also needs to learn the difference between hunger and appetite. Having an appetite doesnt really mean you're hungry, its when you feel like eating, which is a problem I have. So then you get things like chips and cookies and sugary things that just makes you feel hungry so it makes you eat more. So when you feel like you have an appetite you should just get some chewing gum or I heard that dried seaweed was better for you.

  30. So I put in ALRs info (rough estimate) 572 lbs and about 5'4 in height along with her age 28(?) And for extreme weightloss is under 3,000 calories a day to lose 2lbs a week. I barely eat 2400 calories in a day. I also have hashimotos and a love hate relationship with taking my meds. To the best of my knowledge ALR doesnt have any thyroid or metabolism problems. She just simply over eats. If I'm wrong please tell me because I do not have enough time to see all her videos. She doesnt care enough and sadly you cant make someone care about their life and health. She will loose a leg or arm before she cares.

  31. Even after she lose weight she can still have health problems down the line because when the body is obese the problems were dormant once the weight comes off they show up now you can lose weight eating tv dinners because of the portion size but she keeps consuming more food

  32. I am really curious about the real REAL amount of food she eats daily. For her to still gaining weight at this size means she took like, around 5-6k a day. Ugh… I wish her friends would release the receipts.

  33. "I wouldn't mind eating out once a week…." Girl. I eat out like once every three months. There are other things to do socially. If you can move enough to get to the restaurant you can move enough to get to the movies WHERE SNACKS ARE NOT NECESSARY or go to the park WITH YOUR DOG or do a lot of activities that require about the same amount of effort as going to a restaurant. As long as your world view is food-centric you will continue to overeat.

  34. it confuses me that she eats so quickly. i love LOVE food and i always try to eat as slowly as possible so that i can savor the entire meal. it’s not healthy to treat eating food as an activity or event, but i see eating as fun, and as a result, i want to be chewing for as long as possible … hmm interesting how disordered eating manifests differently

  35. It is a scientifically proven fact that losing weight is absolutely, 1000000% fact, just about calories in and calories out. A pound of fat is x amount of calories, you burn that amount and you've lost a pound. Obviously for people trying to make a better, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle they need to consider macros and micros and exact nutritional value for themselves. However, in her case, at her weight, and with her issues, I would get her down to about 3000 cals of whatever she wants a day and let her have at it until some of that weight comes off and she can actually move alittle and function and then I would introduce changing out things for healthy alternatives and teaching her nutrition. If she wants to eat 3000 cals of McDonald's a day, sure, fine, go for it. She will still be losing weight. She very obviously has a serious addiction to food and a binge eating disorder, I think trying to limit her caloric intake, having her exercise, and switching up her diet to be more nutritionally sound is just an absolute recipe for disaster. She will never be able to sustain a serious and effective diet the way we want her to at her current size, it just will not happen, partially because she doesn't have the desire nor willpower to follow through and partially because at her weight she can barely move or function, let's not forget she is also 100% addicted to processed junk food and sugars and she is just absolutely not going to cut that out. At this point, the focus on Amberlynn needs to switch from healthy sustainable lifestyle choices to just dropping pounds before she keels over, get her down about 100 pounds then introduce lifestyle changes and hope and pray she follows through. Let's not forget she has a harem of enablers at her fingertips and frankly Becky is to blame here as well wether we want to admit that or not. It's just a mess all around and I seriously don't think it will ever change, I think we will sit here and watch Amber slowly eat herself to death and that's just the facts. Eating disorders are among some of the most deadly psychiatric disorders and they are a lifetime battle that never 100% goes away and I don't think she takes anything seriously enough, or cares enough to change. She walks around , or waddles should I say, to the beat of her own drum and her drum beat is clearly sending some serious hidden messages to her brain telling her that she is a small dainty princess who just needs to lose 10 or 15 pounds to be on top of her game. For the love of god her goal for the year is 60 pounds, at her weight she can drop 60 pounds in literally 2 months or less with MINIMAL effort. She doesn't want to change and she won't. Period.

    She also clearly hates anything healthy. If you think you're going to get her to eat 3000cals a day of veggies and protein you have lost your mind. She turned her nose up at a honey cranberry granola bar, pretty sure she said it made her gag. If you try to push health food on her she is going to be doordashing and sneaking anything she can get her hands on on top of eating her health food because despite hating it, she'll eat anything.

  36. When I was 300 pounds, I was very guilty of at least 4 of these points. Especially the last one. I habitually ate so fast and it wasn't right at all. I had to keep telling myself to slow down, and sometimes I still do.

  37. As a food addict, I feel the need to eat huge quantities to feel sustained. I need to feel stuffed which leads to guilt and purging. It’s sick! Even if I eat 12 egg whites and know I am full and below calories, I will feel guilty. She needs to focus on shrinking her portion sizes slowly in order to feel satisfied. If I ate giant pot of “soup” that was only 500 calories total, it doesn’t help my body or brain feel satisfied with a regular balanced meal. Calories alone are not the answer. I pray she gets help!

  38. I didn’t realize how much larger she is than Dana till the beginning of this video. Dana still moves like a normal person and at normal speed. AL has to throw her weight from side to side and “walks” doing this odd waddle. She’s got to crack down if she wants to avoid becoming bed bound soon.

  39. I really appreciate you pointing out that taking your time chewing makes a big difference when digesting. I’ve lost -41 pounds (218 to 177lbs) from doing minor changes like that in addition to working out at the gym and eating better too!

  40. Her excuse about the 3,000 is just ugh, she could but she’s not counting it right. I’m eating well below 1500 and losing weight just with food, add in my workouts it’s more

  41. Amberlynn reid can lose weight through calorie counting. But the thing is she eats unhealthy meals as you say. If she ate less fast food and greasy food and worked out(even just a 15 min walk) she will lose weight. I doubt she even counts her calories as she says

  42. I really enjoy how you format this without being outwardly nasty and mean. You genuinely state facts, some opinion but in a way that comes across more like you care rather than just being nasty. I appreciate that.

  43. On the topic of calories because i've been working on weightloss too, i learned a suggestion that makes a lot of sense that she could try to not feel so body shocked. Say your needed cout is 1600 but you track at 2200…reduce your intake by 200cal each month (or whatever you feel comfortable with). Its a bit slower, but if you go from 2200 to 1600 right away the hunger can really set it and I think it deters a lot of people, but doing it slower makes it easier.

  44. I can relate to her denial, partially. I had gotten up to 210 at my heaviest (at 5’9” with a tiny frame). I could overlook my body in a mirror, but when I was getting winded walking up the stairs, I knew I had a problem. On the other end of the spectrum, when I was in double digits with anorexia, I tried to ride some rides at a theme park and I ended up black and blue- and I couldn’t deny I wasn’t as fine as I insisted I was. I still saw someone fat in the mirror, but on some level I understood I was sick. In both cases, my weight prevented me from participating in life with my kids in the way I wanted to.

    She clearly can’t walk, sleep lying down, walk through a store, fit in chairs, etc. I am really just stunned that her inability to function hasn’t served as at least a reality check- if not a motivator. She keeps acting like this is not a problem.

  45. You're only cheating yourself when you have 'cheat' meals. Eating food isn't a right or wrong issue, its about your attitude towards it e.g. a scale of helpfulness (how will this action help me? etc.). When you're morbidly obese, eating a meal that is low in nutrition as a reward or a treat is not very helpful. Its not a 'reward'. A 'reward' is doing something you enjoy and is helpful towards your health. This could be playing a sport, buying a new pair of sports shoes (or a bra in amberlynn's case), going to an animal sanctuary/wildlife park, going to the arcade, spend time learning a new skill etc.

  46. She needs help ASAP!. Has she ever considered what will happen if she’s ever in danger and she has to RUN for her life??? She’s literally dying and we tell her over and over and one day it’ll be too late!! 👏🏾 it’s called tough love! God

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