🔴💚¿Qué Pasará Si COMES 5 ALMENDRA Todos Los Días? ➜ Para que sirve la ALMENDRA

🔴💚¿Qué Pasará Si COMES 5 ALMENDRA Todos Los Días? ➜ Para que sirve la ALMENDRA

what will happen if you eat 5 almonds all
the days almonds are one of the foods
most popular and delicious in the world these contain a wide variety of
nutrients like protein fatty acids essential vitamins and minerals fibers
this important nutritional value increases interest in your consumption
currently developing multiple almond-based products like milk
yogurt butter oil and flour and properties and benefits it has
consume 5 almonds a day every days
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on the comments number 1 almonds have many
antioxidants almonds are a rich source of
antioxidants like vitamin e manganese and polyphenols that help
protect cells from damage that causes the oxidative stress of this
way its consumption prevents the aging just a rate of 28
grams of almonds provides 37 per percent vitamin and 32 percent
manganese and 20% magnesium required per day
studies in male smokers found that consuming 84 grams
of almonds per day reduced by 23 to 24 percent biomarkers of
oxidative stress for a month that you must take into account that these
nutrients are mainly found in the shell so the almonds
peeled are not the best option for get your benefits
now in the case of almonds bitter these are used in the
manufacture of cosmetic products and almonds oil
Y number 2 can help you lose weight
almonds provide good amount of fiber and protein and increase
and prolong the feeling of satiety after eating helping to reduce
appetite this happens because it increases the cabbage I exist
Quinine is a hormone that inhibits the appetite and in this way favors
weight loss for example if you eat 43 grams of almonds daily is
will reduce the urge to eat anxiety and hunger for this is a good
choice to accompany a diet hypocaloric
almonds in addition to providing numerous nutrients have a high
glycemic index which contributes to its effect on diet programs for
losing weight it has also been seen that the continuous consumption of almonds can
lead to increased spending on energy during the rest period
thanks to the high presence of acids unsaturated fatty This is demonstrated by the study published in
the journal of research and medical sciences in 2014 in women with
overweight and obesity who participated in a weight reduction program because
the women who did the diet hypocaloric with consumption of almonds
they lost more weight than they did the hypocaloric diet without consuming these
seeds also another study published in the
journal nutrition magazine in 2016 states that moderate consumption of
almonds provides a significant reduction of total body fat and
of fat at the trunk level or abdominal
this was demonstrated in obese people and overweight who follow a diet of
energy restriction also if you eat almonds you can win
muscle mass to look slimmer by the valuable contribution of proteins
number 3 almonds could help you to better control your blood sugar
the consumption of almonds do not provide many carbohydrates and the few that
provide mostly absorbing slow which represents a very good
option to incorporate into the diet of people with insulin resistance or
type 2 diabetes also the almonds are very rich in
magnesium 56 grams of almonds provide almost half the magnesium required
daily by the body this valuable mineral favors the reduction of
blood glucose or blood glucose and it’s as well as the consumption of almonds
prevents metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes or syndrome
metabolic according to studies from 25 to 28 percent of diabetic patients
type 2 have presented deficiency of magnesium and post correction
deficiency have observed decrease significant blood glucose and better
insulin function in non-diabetic people also
see benefits with magnesium supplementation as it
reduces insulin resistance another study published in the journal
metabolic richardet syndrome in 2017 performed in diabetic patients
showed that the daily consumption of almonds for 24 weeks provide
glycemic risk benefits by significantly decrease the
glycosylated hemoglobin a1c since the high levels of this hemoglobin will
associated with increased cardiovascular risk Similar results have revealed a
study made in china recently where similar diets were administered
two groups of diabetic patients and half of them consumed 60 grams
almonds daily appreciating that improved their blood glucose control
number 4 lowers blood cholesterol the consumption of almonds provides a
significant amount of fatty acids monounsaturated plus soluble fiber
which helps decrease the levels of cholesterol preventing risks
cardiovascular studies have shown that by
consume 42 grams of almonds a day total cholesterol and ldl are reduced or
bad cholesterol while the hdl or good cholesterol is maintained too
other researchers showed that by get 10% of daily calories from
almond consumption bad cholesterol will drop significantly at 16
weeks presidents studies have been able check that you can not only reduce
the blood level of bad cholesterol or ldl but increases the levels of
hdl or good cholesterol by 12% which further improves the lipid profile and
prevents fat deposition at the level vascular and its harmful consequences to
health number 5 you have a lower risk
cardiovascular and other benefits of consuming
almonds is decreased risk cardiovascular this is due in part to
that the antioxidants contained in almonds like polyphenols along with
Vitamin E prevents oxidation of ldl cholesterol particles better
known as bad cholesterol when these cholesterol particles are oxidized
damage the artery by forming a plaque atheromatous leading to heart attack
this way when eating almonds is protected to the heart plus a published study
in the nutrition journal in 2016 performed on cardiology patients
showed that consuming 10 grams per almond day before breakfast
reduce uric acid levels in the blood in patients with disease
cardiovascular so it provides protection against kidney damage and
vascular risk improvement cardiovascular with the consumption of
almonds was achieved through various mechanisms of weight reduction
lipid profile improvement increased good or hdl cholesterol better control
metabolism of blood glucose and the effect antioxidant and vasodilator number 6 you can have teeth and bones
stronger meet the daily requirements of the intake of
zinc magnesium manganese calcium and phosphorous is important because it increases the density
bone mineral and bones can form strong the almonds in seeds are
rich in these trace elements and milk almonds is a very good source of
calcium this helps meet the requirements of this mineral
especially in people with lactose intolerance is fine
known that calcium deficiency puts the health of your teeth at risk and
the bones in the case of the bones these weaken and are more prone to
fractures while teeth being unprotected they develop cavities
also when the body grows old it loses the ability to absorb calcium and
women after menopause increase the risk of suffering
bone diseases like osteoporosis For its part, phosphorus is a
essential trace element for absorption of calcium and magnesium is a
regulator of bone formation keeping a balance between the
phosphorus and calcium while zinc helps to recover bone loss by
so much it is important to keep all these minerals at a proper level for this
by eating 5 almonds every day your bones will be stronger and your
healthier teeth meaning you won’t have the risk of bone or dental diseases
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